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How to Care...For Your Hair - Melanin Sisters Hair Dynasty

How to Care...For Your Hair

Melanin Sisters Hair Dynasty's hair can last an exceptionally long time once the proper care is applied. Below we've detailed a couple of ways you can get the most out of your hair purchase.


Do not cut the wefts or tracks of the hair, this will cause shedding, you should use the fold over method to install hair. If the weft must be cut please seal with weft sealant prior to installing. 


Wash hair with moisturizing shampoo gently. Use deep conditioner after wash. 


Wavy or Curly hair should be braided or rolled with flexi rods before bed.


Please refrain from using heavy oils or other heavy products to maintain the high quality of your hair.


While we suggest hanging or towel drying your hair, you can also blow dry it if you are in a rush.